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Hello folks,

I have Z97 Asus board (Sabertooth) I spoke a to a tech on 12-10-2018 and they had suggested on Asus boards to disable the Q fan control (BIOS fan curve) since it starts at a low RPM. This was after I returned my H100i Platinum to the retailer for a replacement. I understand that there is some discussion that Molex to SATA conversion may cause this issue since Molex and SATA do different amps from what I understand. The tech concluded that I most likely just had bad LED's. Corsair iCue detected that everything was working though, however some BIOS's (at least mine) detected the pump was at a much higher RPM (almost double) what issue says. I imagine this might be because of the factory fun curve on the BIOS side? Hope this gives you folks some idea for your MSI boards as well being given this logic if it has something similar. I understand the CPU cable only is a tach for monitoring the RPM's, but to my thought, if the BIOS curce is under what the pump can do minimum then you might to adjust the curve... I was planning on programming the pump LED's to give me a visual of my CPU temp.
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