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Originally Posted by Hockster2 View Post
You can plug the fans into either the H150i or the Commander Pro.

With only six fans you can get by with only one RGB hub.

Depending on how many LED strips you use you could plug them into the CoPro as well and eliminate the lighting node. The 500D does not have a lot of extra space on the back side so the fewer items needed the better. I've got two Commanders, two RGB hubs and a Lighting Node and honestly it's a friggin mess. I can't even put on the back glass panel. There are a lot of shortcomings in this case you don't realize until you start the build. I've had mine a month an am already looking for something else as nice looking as it is.

I spent litteraly 9h trying to build in the obsidian 500d. Impossible to have something clean and close the door, I must be very bad at cable mangagement... I put everything back in my phanteks enthoo luxe and i guess I will just order a commander and what i need to get nicer fans and send back the 500d

I guess my phanteks enthoo isn't as fancy but will do the job for a while again :)
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