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Originally Posted by Cakeomania View Post
It does not seem to reach, are you sure it will reach?
what do Ido not?
I have it reaching... barely, and not comfortably. I have 8 LL120 fans installed in the front fan tray, then I have the H150i installed on top of those fans, with the 3 ML120 fans that come with the H150i installed behind the radiator. Which means the AIO radiator is 25mm closer to the CPU than it would be otherwise.

So, looking from the rear of the case towards the front, it looks like this:


The 'x' denotes where the H150i is installed.

It's very, very tight, too tight for my tastes, and I'm not going to keep it this way for long as I'm getting ready to order custom water-cooling for the build.

I can say, though, that I've managed to get a 4.5GHz all core overclock on my i9-7940X running stable with just the H150i. Didn't expect that. That's running with everything (all fans & cooler) set to extreme while stress testing (set to quiet when not stress testing).

I'm hoping delidding and a custom-loop with at least 2 480 rads will yield a very quiet 4.7GHz or more.
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