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Having the same issue with 2 machine now. Problem seems worse on the machine I have been trying it on this time. I am basically scrapping it to buy something else. Going to end up sticking it in a basic workstation at the office. It does work without any of the link software. I have no real control and its no good for benching and gaming because I don't trust it. When the link is installed etc it detects everything. One of my friends is an IT director at a software development company and he checked some errors etc and said the drivers seems to be asking for resources which aren't there and creating some sort of critical error. I am pretty vague about it because he is miles beyond my technical competence so I didnt rightly understand exactly what he was saying but take it he was saying there is a driver problem.

He said its unlike to work as I have my machine setup so I am better off ripping it out and replacing it.
Machine its in right now although I am planning to remove it this weekend. I keep testing it and trying to resolve but its not happening.

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Latest BIOS on BIOS one. A revision back on BIOS2
Latest chipset drivers etc.
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