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The big culprit to the disconnect/reconnect issues appears to be the iCue software v3.12.118. An indicator is that when you start iCue, i disconnects/reconnects the H115i RGB Platinum briefly.

I set my profiles, exited iCue, removed it from startup and restarted (multiple times now). The fans seem to use the set profile normally (both RPM and RGB lighting), although I'm unsure about the pump. With iCue not running, there are no USB disconnects/reconnects, even with Steam running. It seems that iCue doesn't like software like Steam running and crashes when such software is running, which causes the disconnect/reconnect and reset to "quiet" settings. I really wish we could set default settings that apply when iCue crashes.

Also, if I disconnect the USB from both the H115i RGB Platinum and the Fans run fine. No problems, no flashing, just operating with the profile I set for the fans before. I just hope that the pump is also running on Extreme as I set, but there is no way to tell except starting iCue, which re-applies the last settings on startup so it's impossible to say (and no, my pump isn't audible even on extreme, so I can't use it as an indicator either - perhaps one of you that has a noisy pump could check, though).

All in all, it seems that it's an iCue software issue which Corsair needs to fix, possibly in conjunction with the people at Steam and whatever other software that causes conflicts.

I wonder what would happen if iCue wouldn't disconnect/reconnect Corsair USB devices when it starts. Corsair should really add some debugging options to the software so we could test things better.

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