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Sigh so where to start. OK, first off I have not had the USB disconnect happen in about 48 hours, and I have the same setup as I had when this started occurring, so yay I guess.

Now though yall seem to have borked something else up, so thanks for making me think this was fully solved. Now my power supply (HX1200i) only shows the temp and the efficiency of the device, where as before it would show me the power in/out among a couple other options such as the power on the 12, 5 and 3.3 volt lines (this information WAS showing up on the older software) and the same goes for the Commander Pro as well (this had the voltages only). Now I'm not that concerned about the voltages persay but being able to see the power in/out is kind of nice so you can get an idea what kind of load you are putting on it. The added "Efficiency" number is rather nice but I could care less about doing the estimate in my head since if I can see what the raw number going in and out is.

How is it that you guys on the iCue team have managed to introduce NEW issues or fail to fix issues over multiple software releases? While I am going to tentatively say that the disconnect/reconnect issues *SEEMS* to be fixed (I point you to the post above from Axiste having it happen), this new "issue" is just as bad in my opinion since you managed to take away useful information and added something that doesn't seem like its figuring out the math correctly as I have seen the "Efficiency" %age is more or less about where it should be based off what I was seeing before (at idle) if I did the math in my head, when the PSU is actually providing more power (as in when I am playing a game or something) I have not only see numbers of 101% or higher up to 114% (again I understand that if it goes from providing more than needing less right away can someone from Corsair explain to me why the Efficiency % was showing me -141% a couple times so far? This is have only caught a couple of times as it doesn't happen often and when it does it happens too quickly to be able to get a screenshot of.

Now I could log the PSU information and see what I can shake out but since yall over there on the dev team seem to be ignoring us here I wont bother to unless I am asked directly since it would likely come to nothing if I did.

So what I would like to see happen is being given back the ability to view that information, as I didn't buy this PSU ONLY because I wanted to sell out completely to Corsair, I also got it because I liked the ability to see that information. I would also like to see proper communication from the dev team in regards to issues people are experiencing as opposed to the 'head in the sand' approach that seems to be the case there at this time. Lastly I would LIKE SOME OF THE REASONS I BOUGHT THE BLOODY DEVICE TO NOT BE REMOVED STEALTHILY. I am not the only one who seems to have noticed this issue (AX1600i data has gone missing in iCue).

Time to start a phone call campaign on a daily basis about this as it is getting out of hand. I am also going to see if the poster in the other thread wants to join this one even if they don't exactly have the same issues we did. At this point starting to wonder if the title of this can be changed to a catch all just to consolidate these into one area even if not everyone has a WC loop. Kinda like me.
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