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Default MSI MEG Z390 ACE and i7-8086K OC

I just built a new system based on the MSI MEG Z390 ACE motherboard, an i7-8086K and 4x8 GB Corsair 3200MHz DDR4 RGB memory with the goal to find the highest possible but yet stable and safe 24/7 OC.

The CPU has been delidded and the thermal paste replaced by liquid metal. I'm using a Corsair H115i RGB Platinum for cooling in a Corsair 500D RGB SE case with 3 120mm fans as intake in the front and one 120mm fan in the back as exhaust. The H115i's 140mm fans is in a push config.

At this point I've been able to reach what so far seems to be a stable OC of 5.1 GHz with the below changes done in BIOS. The highest temp after stress-testing the CPU is about 75 C.

CPU Ratio: 51
CPU Ratio Mode: Fixed
XMP: Enabled
CPU LLC: Mode 2
CPU Core Voltage Mode: Override
CPU Core Voltage: 1.300
Intel Virtualization Tech: Disabled
Intel C-State: Disabled
Intel Speed Shift Technology: Disabled

I have tried going for 5.2 GHz but so far with no luck. Mostly, it will BSOD during Windows startup. Have been able to get into Windows a couple of times but no stability when stress-testing.

The highest voltage I've tried to make it stable at this point is 1.375. I know most people agree it's fine all the way up to 1.4 but since my goal isn't to receive a single top score running a benchmark but rather find the highest but still stable and safe 24/7 OC as mentioned above, I rather not go too crazy with the voltage.

So my question to you guys is if I missed some important setting that would likely allow me to get a higher OC?

Many thanks in advance for any tips and input!
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