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Default I'm so happy i found someone else having same issue with case and build

i currently have myself on a gigbyte z370 G7 MB & Asus Gtx 1080 Strix & Thermaltake Riing Psu on a i7 8700k but i'm running case wise corsair 500d rgb SE with Corsair's 3 LL 120mm rbg fan's in front then bought the corsair h100i rgb platinum cooler & took the new ML fan's off & bought a 3 pack of the LL fan's to complete my whole rgb build but..... everything work's well only thing im not sure with is where i have the corsair commander pro, I have taken the 2 fan's that are on the Rad of the cooler and plugged those 2 my commander pro and left the 2 fan connector's that's connected to the water dye itself empty. Thing's seem to be going smooth that way.. ive tried both and haven't noticed that i couldn't it even lets u change the DYE settings of the RGB's from ML fan's which is what comes stock 2 the LL fan's so seem's like it should be ok on that just wasn't sure if anyone knew right off... Other then that Yes i have been getting the USB plug & unplug sound getting it as i type this now would like to know before i can't send this cooler back if its a hardware issue or a software. Seem's software based to me because cooler keep's temp's and so on under control.
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