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Originally Posted by morganthomas757 View Post
Although the situation we're all in is very annoying with these USB disconnects, it's nice to know we're not the only ones with the problem. Hopefully Corsair gets their act together and releases and update for iCue sooner rather than later! I didn't spend nearly 250 on upgrading my fan ecosystem with 3x LL120 RGB fans, H100i Platinum RGB, and a Commander Pro for them not to play nicely with each other! :)
I'm sorry to let you know that before I downgraded the software version I also checked it without the multi-color lights option I set up and the USB disconnect
glitch did hit me there. This could be due to any number of things on my end but the disconnect didn't happen as often when I turned them off.

Sadly, as I as got the Obsidian 500D case now I am, for the first time, considering going with the H100i or the H115i, which means I will be even more invested in Corsair for my system build if I do that.

Even though this issue is still not acknowledged by the devs I am still going to buy their products as long as they avoid going the way of Logitech and start having crap support and getting products that are DOA...3 times... screw the G710+ and the G700s.

I just wish they would poke their heads in here and start looking/asking for information so they can reproduce this error on their test systems and fix it. All they need to do is start asking us for information about this if we have it. Im sure all of us here would be happy to help solve this error.

Common guys (Devs) pick up the ball and start running with it.
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