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Exclamation Don't plug H115i into Commander Mini!

Originally Posted by Scoobaru View Post
I just got this fan controller, pretty sure it's bad..but before I RMA, I just wanted to know if anyone has seen this:

-Fans plugged into commander mini will begin running all full speed randomly, regardless of my custom fan curve. I have to go re-apply my custom profile across all fans for it to go back the way it should be (temperatures are fine..there is no reason for fans to be running max).

-For no reason and completely randomly, "Fan #5" will appear showing 0 RPM...I only have 4 fans plugged into Commander Mini..For the first time today, "Temp #1" appeared as well, which I do not have any of the temp meters plugged in. The only way to make them go away is to reboot the computer, and then the original 4 fans are displayed.

These problems are super annoying. This is a brand new computer built from scratch, with a fresh copy of Windows 10. Corsair Link is fresh installed (obviously). All firmware appears to be up-to-date as well as Corsair Link.

Also, does my H115i need to be plugged into the Commander Mini, or CPU_FAN? I was reading somewhere else that it should be plugged into Commander Mini. I currently have USB Header for both H115i and Commander Mini plugged into mobo.

Thanks in advance!
Hey OP, try connecting the H115i directly to an available CPU_Fan/AIO_Pump header on your motherboard. The current version of the H115i draws power through the 3-pin cable coming out of the pump. Set whichever header you plug the H115i into to 100% to ensure that the H115i is getting all the power it needs for its pump and any connected fans.

For the Commander Mini issues, I see some good suggestions to explore, if you continue to have problems, please reach out to our support team.
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