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Originally Posted by catsarecute View Post
i play with the arrow keys ussualy and i got the corsair k70i find it unusable becuase i cant press arrow keys control and space bEcuz function key it wold be awsome if u moved itmost of my freinds play lik this to i love this keyboard but i have to use my 5 dollar keyboard instead becuz 1 buttion u probbaly wontlisten lome most companys but if u do and moved the fn key like so. its not in the wAy then unwill be awsome company
If I understand you correctly, and I have to say it's not an easy task, you are having issues with the fact of how the keys are located? IE, you want to be able to, with one hand, press the ARROW KEYS + CTRL + SPACE?

Why not migrate to WASD where CTRL & Space are extremely easy to reach for using your pinky finger and thumb respectively.

If you have the RGB series, then with CUE you can easily rebind any keys as you wish. In your case you could replace the context menu key, or the second windows key to act as the space bar.

And you are right about one thing, Corsair aren't going to redesign their keyboards because of a single person. If it was a highly contested design choice and that people would ask for a wider space bar, or the removal of the context menu or second windows key, it's not going to happen.

Hope this helped you out in some way.


If you insist on using the old-school FPS layout with the arrow keys, you might want to consider swapping out back & forth movement from the up/down keys to the left/right mouse buttons, then fire button to the up key and jump to the down key. Or else you'll be struggling to reach keys beyond CTRL on your left. I used to play like this for a long time, and switched to WASD considering how much more keys are nearby for additional bindings. Q, E, Z, X, C, R, F, V not to mention access to the TAB, CTRL, SHIFT, ALT & Space keys and also all the number keys.

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