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Default CM3X2G1600C7D timings on EX58-UD5

I have a question regarding the tRas timing on these modules. The XMP profile reports 7-7-7-20 timings yet for some reason windows is reporting the tRas running at 23 ( I have 7-7-7-20 manually keyed into the BIOS ) I've played around with the Performance profile options that gigabyte have but they don't seem to effect any timings of the ram itself (just the chipset) I am running a single 3x2 kit.

I am currently running at 1.66 vdimm, 1.355 QPI vtt and 1.3 vcore at 19x200 with the QPI at 3.6GHz (36x multi / 7.2GTs). Changing any of the clock speeds doesn't have any effect on anything ( reports 23 tRas at any settings )

The ram itself is working perfectly fine performance and stability wise I just wanted clarification on the tRas timing and if this is normal.

Here is a image of the info reported in windows.

Let me know if you require any more information ( BIOS settings ect ) Appreciate your feedback.
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