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Default Still not working

Ok, so I got the RAM replaced at the place I bought it, and the same thing still occurs, only 10GB shows up not 12gb.

However, when I drop the RAM ratio down so it only runs at I think just under 1300Mhz (CPU at 3.2) all 12GB is detected.

I've been reading a lot about this problem online and some people say reseating the CPU works, but I've done this and it's still the same. I've also tried setting the DIMM and QPI voltages manually, even as high as 1.7 VDIMM and 1.45 for the QPI and most of the time it doesn't POST, or if it does there is still only 10GB shown.

Could it still be the RAM? Or does anyone have any other ideas how to resolve the problem.

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