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Originally Posted by Riekopo View Post
You just seem to be in denial over how much disgust there is for the new logo. Tons of people are saying they were going to get a Corsair RGB product and now they are NOT. There's nothing worse than that for a company trying to sell a new product. The people that are vocalizing about this are the people that care most about Corsair. They are not "spamming" or "microscopic", they are a perfect slice and sample of your customers.
Here's what it boils down to. The logo is NOT going away. We have a plan and we're executing it. Period.

As I've noted above, we are listening and we do care. We know some people are unhappy. But, as also noted, the plan just launched yesterday. We are not going to rush into some knee-jerk reaction based on a statistically insignificant number.

Google PC gamers and you'll find numbers ranging from 15 million to 711 million PC gamers on the planet.

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