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Please read the following update from RAM GUY. The portion regarding firmwares relates to this thread. We will update the forum as we make progress.

We understand that people are getting impatient on this issue, and Im sorry we have not been able to provide a solution yet. Let me give you a summary of what we currently know.

First of all, we have received enough drives back to perform some meaningful analysis, and we have, in fact, been able to re-create this failure mode. However, drives that fail on a problem system work fine on other systems. It appears to be some sort of compatibility issue that only appears on a very rare combination of hardware and software.

We have been spending lots of time in the lab trying to find out what causes the failure mode I/O driver, motherboard manufacturer, CPU, PSU, OS version and settings, SSD firmware, etc. There are lots of variables, and we have not been able to determine yet what causes (or, what fixes) this issue.

We have been in close contact with Sandforce, and they are working on this issue as well. We have sent entire platforms to motherboard vendors to get their assistance on the problem. This is a compatibility problem and appears to affect a very small percentage of systems; the scarcity of the problem makes it very elusive and time consuming to resolve.

If we had a firmware version that appeared to solve the problem, we would certainly offer it here. But we do not want to do so until we can confirm that it improves things (and, in fact, does not make them worse).

We understand that it is extremely frustrating to experience problems like this on performance hardware. And, we understand that lack of information is equally frustrating. So, we will start posting a regular status update here on what progress we are making.

We certainly appreciate your patience, and are working hard to resolve this issue!
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