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MeanD 02-11-2019 10:53 PM

On a positive note about Corsair customer support
:mad:For starters, I wasn't happy because the tilt\lock mechanism on my T2 Road Warrior arrived broken, this chair is just one month old and should last me a while. Kind of disappointing but this can happen. Submitted an RMA request and waited for response. After reading some comments here on the forum I was afraid that it would cost me a fortune to return the chair or at least the broken part with regards to the standard return policy but none of that. Within a day of contacting Corsair Mint here on the forum the problem was resolved and my rma was approved. They will send a replacement part and I do not need to send back the faulty part.:biggrin:

I'm very happy with this solution and want to say thank you to Corsair Mint and all the other wonderful and dedicated people at Corsair customer support!
I give them a big thumbs up!:D:

DevBiker 02-12-2019 01:42 AM

Ya know, it's actually good to hear kudos for the support folks. My own, personal experience has always been good and I'm really glad to hear about others that have had good experiences with the Corsair support team. Handling support is a tough job - most of the folks that you deal with are already mad at you - and (again, based on my own personal experience) the Corsair team does handle it well.

MeanD 02-12-2019 06:05 AM

Thank you for your comment!
You are so right, as a customer we don't always realise how an rma request is being processed but when it goes wrong or at least not the way the customer wanted, we (the customers) take to the internet and loudly profess our anger or disappointment. But the other way around we seldom bother to give some kudos if they manage to do it in a very smooth and satisfactory manner. So yes, to these boys and girls from Corsair customer support deserve some love now and again!

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